Week in Review May 30th

Thank you for using YUCE-8! We are extremely grateful for your support, feedback, and for testing our product!

We will continuously improve this service. One of the next features will be a historical view which will allow you to see the forecasts vs. the real performance. The charting factory will be updated in approximately one week. So, today we'll use a different charting tool to analyse the historical performance of the previous week.

This is a sample explanation of the following charts:

We will analyse the predictions of #BITCOIN and #QQQ (which represents #NASDAQ).


Let's have a look at the beginning of this week. On the 24th at 11:59 YUCE-8 predicted a zig-zag scenario with 4 pins above the closing point at arount 38k. The majority of all pins was below 38k which indicated a very bearish risk for everyone who was long:

On the 25th around 4am UTC in the morning this zig-zag scenario continued but with more pins above the measuring line.

The forecasts continued to predict a zig-zag line on the 25th which pretty forecasted the real #BITCOIN quotes.

Late in the night of the 26th the forecasts became more bearish (the amount of pins below the measuring line was higher than the pins above the measuring line. The fight for 40k of #BTC seemed to be lost.

When the #BTC price then returned to 40k USD on the 27th around lunch time the YUCE-8 forecasts became totally bearish (only 1 pin left at the bullish side). And again, this was a true predicted scenario:

Then on the 28th the fight for 36k was predicted and all pins were below the measuring line. That indiced a fully bearish scenario again. And again, this was true.


Throughout the week the #QQQ projections had the same pattern: a dip at the first time step and then bullish for the rest of the forecasted period.

In the early morning of the 24th the first projection showed exactly this pattern: a dip but a bullish outlook. And this was forecasted correctly:

On the 25th this pattern continued and it was more or less correct - even after the huge gap-up on the 24th:

Same on the 26th:

Same on the 27th: