Week in Review June, 12th

Let's have a quick look how good/bad the YUCE-8 forecasts have been for the past week. We'll look at the half time charts (ie. -8 time steps for 1 day forecasts - which is 1st of June). While my gut feeling said the bubbles must bust the #AI forecasted an opposite scenario for the major indices.

After writing this post I asked my self if we should rename the product. Magic Moneyprinter would be better :-)


QQQ continues the forecasted very bullish path:

#SP500 / #SPY

Last weekend we published this blog post. Based on the data it was very likely that this week we'll see new all-time-highs in SPY and DIA (aka Dow Jones). At least for SPY we got one while the DOW was lost in starvation.


JPM is very bearish for days now. Again a very correct forecast.


Apple was forecasted to be bullish with a resistance level between 127 and 128. Let's see if it bounces back at this level next week.


BTC was totally wrong. A bullish scenario to 40k+ was forecasted. It completely failed.


While #BTC was wrong, #ETH was predicted quite accurate. Let's see if it returns back to it's resistance level at around 2900 USD next week.