The Democratization of #AI for Capital Markets Starts Today!

Today's trading market is an unfair game for most. I am not talking about the massive gains of some cryptocurrencies that made a few people very, very rich and others, even more so. I am talking about the daily trading market. The day-to-day trading market is driven by approx. 70% algorithmic trading making it a miracle when the average trader is more successful than a machine. With more and more of these algorithms being driven by AI, those odds fall even less in the day trader's favor as if we have all brought a sword to a gunfight.

We want to change those odds for everyone. Our vision is to give you access to AI driven insights into the market today, but this does come at a cost. To take our vision to the reality it is today, it has taken countless hours of cloud computing, more than 3 years of development, and even more to develop the site you use today. Now, we need your support to maintain this service and to improve it into the tool that truly levels the playing field.

We hope you enjoy and realize the true power of these forecasts as much as we do. For example early in the morning today when YUCE-8 signalled a bullish opening for $QQQ, $SPY and $DIA. Now, 6 hours later all 3 assets seem to open much higher than their previous close … but with the risk of small gains (keep an eye on the 1 hour chart)…

Here's a quote from one of our members, which made our day:

"I traded with help of Yuce-8 for the last a couple of days and I'm impressed. This AI prediction is a gem. Wow! It would be awesome if poor retail investors could outsmart, with the help of Yuce-8, damn Bitcoin whales. Although I fear the whales use Yuce-8 to rob us even more . Anyway, what a super project!"