Morning Update for QQQ, SPY & DIA

Yesterday we published a longer video analysis of a near crash of the major indices. This night the new market data came in incl. dark pool information. In addition to this the 1 day models were all retrained with additional trigger sets.

That created new overnight forecasts that we will measure next weekend:


As you can see the forecast turned completely red. Today we might see a positive day with a resistance level at 435 USD. But Thursday + Friday are red.


No real changes regarding DIA: still positive with 2 support lines at 344/345 USD.


Starting on Thusday we might see a fight for the 356 USD level.


In our analysis yesterday we said, that new ATHs in SPY seem to be unrealistic for the next weeks. But DIA and QQQ still have the chance to create new ATHs.

With this setup now, new ATHs in DIA & QQQ seem hard to achieve this week. Therefore: manage your risk.

Enjoy your week & thank you for your support.

Your YUCE-8 Team