What A Week! A New Mega-Rally? (Part 1)

Updated: Aug 18

Last weekend we published a combined review & outlook for stocks and cryptos. In summary: all forecasted scenarios were right! The bullish forecasts we made last Sunday turned out to be even more bullish during the week. Especially the 4-hour forecasts were extremely correct. In the last blog we said that this is a short-term market and that we recommend to have a look at the 4-hour forecasts. We believe that this was a good advice. But what comes next? The long expected crash or a new mega rally?

Part 1 is published on Saturday. Part 2 will be published on Sunday.

  1. A Week In Review (Part 1)

  2. The 3 Big ETFs: DIA, SPY & QQQ

  3. The 3 Major Stocks: TSLA, FB & AMZN

  4. The 3 Major Cryptos: BTC, ETH & XRP

  5. What's Next (Part 2)

  6. Will There Be A Mega-Rally Next Week For Stocks?

  7. Will Cryptos Skyrocket Next Week?

The 3 Big ETFs: DIA, SPY & QQQ

The following image gallery displays the 1-day forecasts published on Monday morning 6am CET. You can see that execept for QQQ the forecasted price ranges and the trends were close to 90% correct.

QQQ was special this week. The Monday morning forecast saw a dip followed by a bullish trend. But QQQ didn't really manage to cross the 368 USD line. In our last blog we said:

The current forecast sees a very bullish future for NASDAQ & QQQ. BUT: As you can see the forecast start at approx. 370 USD is very close to the upper trend / resistance line which comes from 368 and ends at 377. This indicates that a re-test of the support at 368 or the trend line at 361 is likely. In this short-term oriented market we recommend to take a look at the 1hour and 4hour forecats next week.

And this scenario turned out to be true. If you had a close look at the 4-hour charts you could see already on early Tuesday that red bear zones became bigger and bigger:

The 3 Big Stocks: TSLA, FB & AMZN


Tesla was forecasted correct, too. We forecasted a very bullish week with a maximum potential of 750 USD - while being supported by the dotted trend line coming from 652 USD and ending at 700 USD.

In our last blog we said:

TSLA's current outlook for the next 2 weeks is completely bullish. Let's see if there is enough buying power next week. The next support is at 680 USD.

And here's what happend this week: It was bullish but closed below 750 USD.


While TSLA was forecasted to be bullish FB (Facebook) was forecasted to be totally bearish. FB is captured between a strong resistance line at 370 USD and a strong support line at 351 USD. Our AI calculated a bigger chance to re-test these levels than to grow above the 370 USD level.

In reality FB didn't fall back to 351 USD but stayed at the top of the forecasted red bear zone:


AMZN was forecasted to be bearish, too. The next resistance line on Monday morning was 3.450 USD. It opened below this level and followed the red bear zone calculated by YUCE-8

The Top 3 Cryptos: BTC, ETH & XRP


Last Sunday we said:

The current forecasts has more red than yellow zones and the price of BTC moved from being above all trend lines to being within both trendlines. The support line became a resistance line now and we can expect BTC to retest the 40k level - gain again, re-test. But BTC is a beast. Everything is possible.

The re-test of the 40k level was very short. Then all cryptos saw a major increase. It managed to move above Sunday's dotted resistance line and stayed on-top of the new calculated dotted trend line that acted as a support line for Bitcoin during the week.


Ethereum was forecasted to be bearish. There was a bullish support line coming from 2.200 USD and ending at 2.900 USD. ETH ignored our mathematical models completely. Our models are not aware of any new Ethereum code releases that limit the inflation - which is a really cool move by the developers. Such an event doesn't happen that often.

BUT we have our 4-hour forecast which react much faster to these events. Et voilà: we saved our honor with these short-term forecasts:


This forecast speaks for itself. BAM!