Introducing AlphaSignal

Two weeks ago we announced the development of AlphaSignal. Instead of watching our forecasts 24/7 AlphaSignal will calculate so called "interesting opportunities" and send these as notifications to all subscribers.

Here's the video that announced AlphaSignal:

How can I get access to AlphaSignal?

AlphaSignal broadcasts messages on 2 channels at the moment:

  1. our well known Discord server (just join Discord)

  2. our new member app


Within Discord select the #alpha_bot channel:


Open our website with a mobile client. It will recommend you to join our app. Download the app and you should see YUCE-8:

Once you joined open the chat by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen. Create a new message and select YUCE-8 as your recipient:

In your chat box enter activate and you should see a welcome from YUCE-8:

While the Spaces won't notify on some devices Discord will wake you up in the night.

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