Feature Update: All-Time-High Analysis

We're happy to announce a new feature which will be deployed this week. It's called the ATH Analysis. Many members requested it after we published this post.

How Does It Work?

Right we see a strange market behavior. The #NASDAQ reaches new ATHs every day. #SP500 reaches new ATHs every 2-3 days.

One feature built into YUCE-8 is the analysis of ATH situations. That's why the forecasts of QQQ and SPY are so exact these days. The behavior of assets within ATH scenarios creates patterns and YUCE-8 detects these patterns.

Here's a snapshot for SPY with 4 hour timestep:

Every bubble is an ATH series that happend in the past. In this specific situation the asset ran into new ATH scenarios day after day after day - like today. Every yellow bubble represents a similar ATH series like the current one. The orange bubble is the latest (or last) ATH series.

The distance parameter of 3 or 6 allows you to add some patience to the system. If we reach another ATH today than the asset may pause a little bit for 1 day. But if it doesn't reach another ATH the day after tomorrow the series (bubble) will end with a distance of 3. That's especially interesting to know when you invest at ATH scenarios: is it over?

You can zoom in:

And by hovering over a bubble it will tell you more details about this ATH series:

  • when did it start?

  • how many timesteps did it take to reach a new ATH?

  • how many timesteps did it take to reach the next bottom / dip?

  • how big (%) was the decline from the ATH to the bottom?

This week we will deploy the alpha candidate of the ATH analysis. Next week the final version will be deployed.

Thank you for making this project possible!

The YUCE-8 Team