Connecting to our events

For R&D purposes we enable selected users to connect to our API. Currently our alpha version is live. To connect, please follow the next simple steps:

(1) Get the client


(2) Connect

Create the client and

  1. replace 'test' with your secret key

  2. use the SAMPLE_EVENT_LISTENER as a starting point or create your own

with concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=2) as executor:
  Y = Y8_API_CLIENT('test', SAMPLE_EVENT_LISTENER(), executor)

Once the client runs it pulls new events every 5:20 minutes (ie. 12:20:20, 12:25:20 ...). The events aren't published earlier.

waiting for next 5:20 minute tick...  2022-06-09 11:20:21.846310+02:00
{'ID': 100, 'DIRECTION': 'CLOSED', 'PRICE_OF_INVESTMENT': 31000, 'TIMESTAMP': '2022-05-02 20:20:12'}
the BTC position got closed at  31000 $ /  2022-05-02 20:20:12
waiting for next 5:20 minute tick...  2022-06-09 11:25:21.309987+02:00


In weeks of low volatitly not many events occur. Regarding avg brokerage fees the Y8 algorithms search for opportunities with chances of > 1.1% movements in both directions (long & short).

In the week of June 6th, 2022 the following events occured: