Changing Tides on Bitcoin

On the morning of Thursday the 13th, the #BITCOIN and #ETHEREUM worlds were looking bright. The projection for Friday was showing quite a bullish setup with Bitcoin projected to trend up to 52k USD.

However, by Friday night the 4hour time period forecast became more and more red. By Saturday evening only one yellow peek for the projection was left and I sent out a warning tweet to everyone that this weekend changed it all.

On Tuesday, I sent another tweet with a warning that the next 24hours were critical. While others like Prime Trader send out this message to his 5000+ followers, saying, that it’s time to be long in $BTC I warned that it will break below 44k.

What can we learn from this?

The 1d time period projection is a long term projection. If nothing special happens, then this is a relaxed forecast for the next 2 weeks. If something major and unexpected happens (Musk + China), then this relaxed forecast could dramatically change making it’ the shorter time periods more useful. It takes some time until a 1d projection changes it’s overall outlook. That’s why it’s so important to check the shorter time periods during those unexpected times like last week.

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