Bloodbath Recap: SPY, DIA & QQQ

This morning we published a post for all subscribers and asked them to manage their risk:

Especially #SPY / #SP500 looked quite positive on Saturday. But the morning forecast indicated a quite bearish outlook starting between 21st and 22nd.

And what happend today? It dived straight into the 420 USD area - too early and too fast.

Looking at the latest 4 hour outlook it's oversold now. Tomorrow we'll see if we will dive deeper or if it will recover to the 430 USD level:


#DIA / #DOWJONES was forecasted to be quite positive. There were 2 support lines at around 345 that needed to hold. Only on 23rd there was a "test" of lower levels expected.

Looking at the latest 4 hour chart we can see an oversold state, too. The maximum at the moment would be 348. But there is no support line in sight to the downside:


#QQQ / #NASDAQ wasn't looking so bullish this morning. YUCE-8 forecasted a major resistance line at 363 and a support line at 357. Between these 2 you could see a zig zag formation:

Now we can see a clear negative resistance line coming from 360 and going to 350 USD. There's no safety net to the downside, too:

Again. Not the best time to be bullish. Therefore: manage your risk!