AlphaBot Race: Half Time

Four days ago the experimental / Open Source AlphaBot was launched (see blog post). After 4 days of crypto 24/7 and 2 days of US markets we can see a clear winner for the first half of the week:

  1. ETH 4-hour time period with 13% gain

  2. LTC 1-day time period with 9% gain

  3. BTC 1-day time period with 6% gain

  4. AAPL 4-hour time period with 6% gain

Losers are:

  1. ETH 1-day time period with -9%

  2. LTC 4-hour time period with -5%

  3. MSFT 4-hour time period with -3%

In total our theoretical bot portfolio has a gain of 2%.

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