Adding 2 New Assets This Week: $XRP & $BCH

XRP / Ripple

We asked our members and one of the most requested assets is XRP. From an analytics point of view XRP is hard to catch. The YUCE-8 algorithms ran a full week trying to analyse the behavior of this asset. And here's the result:

For the 1 day and 1 hour forecasts the AI didn't find enough patterns to predict a future maket movement. It's more or less a 50:50 chance that the YUCE-8 algorithms are correct. You can throw a flipcoin and get to the same results.

On a 4 hour basis YUCE-8 identified enough patterns. Our backtesting results show that starting with timestep +7 (ie. 32 hours from now) the forecast accuracy increased to > 60%.

That's not great but it's better than a flipcoin.

BCH / Bitcoin Cash

The BCH forecasts for on a 1-day outlook are worse than a flipcoin. But the good news is is that the 4 hour and 1 hour timeframes look much better. Same as XRP these results are not great. But they are better than a 50:50 chance.


We will add these two assets this week. We will start hiding forecasts that have an average backtesting accuracy of less than 54%. We'll continue improving our models and may find better results in the near future.