A New All-Time-High For #DOWJONES / $DIA And #SP500 / $SPY Next Week?

Updated: 6 days ago

Next week will be very interesting. The YUCE-8 algorithms are aware of a phenomenon that happens always when an asset tries to reach a new all time high (ATH).

But let's have a look at the forecast of the last 7 trading days. on May, 26th the forecast indicated a dip followed by a bullish szenario. But the important resistance level at USD is limiting the up-trend.

As you can see, the DOW always tried to cross this magic barrier - but failed at the end. The closing price on Monday was approx. 375 USD (which is approx. 37500 index points of the DOW). But what happens next week?

Here's an other insight into this. It's an ATH-analysis that is injected into the YUCE-8 algorithms. Every ATH-series is a bubble. The yellow bubble is the current ATH series which ended on May 10th. It is similar to ATH-series which halppend 3 other times in the last 14 years. They are all equal. And they were always followed by another ATH series (red) which happend shorty after the previous ATH-series:

So, looking at $DIA, it is very likely that a new ATH will happen soon. Let's cross check this with S&P500 / $SPY... The YUCE-8 forecast starting on May 25th indicated a bearish half of the forecasted time period - which was true so far. Now, the interesting part will start: crossing the magic resistance level at around 422 (which is approx. the closing price of the S&P500 on Friday).

The ATH analysis of $SPY is unique. But it's very similar to others. And they all were followed by another ATH short after the ATH occured.

Last but not least have a look at the forecast of $QQQ. The YUCE-8 algorithms forecasted a bearish beginning, followed by a bullish 2nd half. This bullish 2nd half should already have started.

Let's summarize:

  1. Next week will be very, very interesting.

  2. The chances for up-trends in all indices are good.

  3. If both $DIA & $SPY are able to cross their resistance levels for a longer time period, the new ATHs will be reached.

  4. Maybe - for the last time this year. And that means: high risk!

  5. The YUCE-8 forecasts were correct so far.

I recommend you to follow these situations in realtime. Each direction (crossing up or crossing down) will be identified fast by YUCE-8.

Enjoy your weekend & remember, that only 1 point above the last ATH is a valid new ATH :-)

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